So it is self-care week and I am having a good week so far and feeling very conscious of looking after myself. Weeks like this are good but I know that if I don’t stick to my routines and practice regular self-care it could be very different, even if I do I might be in a very different mind space tomorrow, such is the beauty of mental health!

Music is a big part of my self-care, when I am at my lowest I can listen to songs on repeat for days, to give myself the mental boost I need to get through! So in honour of self-care week I have created my top 5 self-care songs along with a SSS from my lovely pal  who I know is also having a tough time at work!

Hope you love these songs as much as me and let me know your best pick me up, self-care songs!

  1. Star Red by Nakhane, from the album You Will Not Die

I have seen Nakhane live three times this year! I love their performance and I LOVE this song! Its about their grandmother and wherever I am, whatever I am doing it makes me smile. If you haven’t heard of them look them up! Elton John is a fan and you should be too!


2. Doubt by Samm Henshaw ft Wretch 32

I only just saw the video for this and I love it! This song just gives me cheesey grins and I can’t help but love its optimism.

3. T.H.U.G by Todrick Hall, from the album Forbidden.

So this song is a little explicit but I just love the beat! Always gives me the attitude I need to feel like I can kick ass at work!

4. Andinanto by the Soil, from the album Nostalgic Moments

I discovered The Soil in 2013 and they their songs got me through one of the toughest years of my life! This song came up on a playlist I was listening too so thought I would chuck it in here but I could do a top 10 Soil songs all on their own! Absolutely love their voices and no matter what the song it always manages to distract me from whatever I need it too!


5.  King of Wishful Thinking by Go West

So this song is dedicated to my lovely pal. It is not currently on my go to pick me up songs but the video is hilarious! For anyone who needs reminding of what the 80s looked like, here you go!



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